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Benjamyn Turton on Death and Dying

At the end of life, we look back, a logical act as we begin our return.

Regrets and contentments come to mind.

Unresolved conflicts, opportunities of resolution and the authenticity of our actions.

This wisdom while concentrated in dying can be faced at anytime (if we choose it).

The act sits in our ultimate conflict and authenticity: to accept simply that all we love is temporary, and more complexly when present in the here and now moments of dying when, still, we are required to love.

It’s open invitation to be with life, a duty to ourselves, the dying, their/our friends, family and those who work in the systems that serve.

The entrance fee is attention but everyone who is anyone will arrive, and how we arrive holds the meaning.

Consequential in the way we live as the way we die.

Here we are the path on which our loved ones will carry us.

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